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SP Mulia Sdn Bhd is a registered construction company that concentrates its specialization in construction of bridges and reservoir in Johor Bahru. It comprises of highly qualify experienced engineers who strive to provide quality solutions to meet the challenges of constructing infrastructure. 

The objective of the company is to ensure efficiency of construction method not only to complete within a short period but also assure the delivery of high quality products and compliance strictly to safety regulations.

The management teams had committed itself to create higher levels of reputation throughout a total solution to the project under taking in terms of project management and implementation.
SP MULIA | Bridges and Reservoirs Specialist


- Cast In situ post tensioned balance cantilever bridge using steel traveller form
- Cast in situ reinforced concrete box girder using heavy duty shoring
- Cast in situ post tensioned beams, suitable for curve bridge
- Incremental launching post tensioned bridge, bridge is cast near the shore and push outward to the pier
- Approach Bridge Structure
- Pre-tensioned Bridge
- Post-tensioned Bridge

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